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As of January 1, 2015 monthly dues will be increased to $41.50

Apprenticeship Program

For information regarding the apprenticeship program, please click on the link for the Northeast Apprenticeship Program in Web Links.

With Overwhelming Bi-Partisan Support, U.S. House Overwhelmingly Rejects Attack on Davis-Bacon Act by a Vote of 188-238

Once again, a substantial and bi-partisan majority of the U.S. House of Representatives has rejected an effort to repeal the Davis-Bacon Act that ensures the payment of locally prevailing wages and benefits on federally-funded construction projects. A record 54 Republican members joined with 184 Democrats to defeat an amendment sponsored by Representative Steve King (R-IA). The amendment was defeated by a vote of 188-238.

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Apprenticeship - The Other Four-Year Degree - Lowell Sun

The apprenticeship infrastructure of Massachusetts’ Building Trades Unions encompasses 44 state-of-the-art training centers. It is privately funded through collectively bargained contributions of more than $33 million per year, offering young men and women the chance to work and further their education, without the burden of student loans.

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It's National Apprenticeship Week -- And Nobody Does It Like North America's Building Trades Unions

If the Building Trades training system, which includes both apprentice-level and journeyman-level training, was a degree granting college or university, it would be the largest degree granting college or university in the United States - over 5 times larger than Arizona State University.

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This Week is National Apprenticeship Week!

At the heart of our Nation's promise lies a simple truth: If you work hard you can get ahead, earn a decent-paying job, and secure a brighter future for yourself and your family. To make this promise real, our economy has to work for everyone, and that begins with providing all our people with the tools and resources they need to utilize their unique talents to contribute to our country's success. Apprenticeships offer this opportunity, and over 430,000 Americans participate in these programs today.

Protests Continue Over Tufts’ Use Of Non-Union Construction Labor - The Tufts Daily

“In seven meetings, Tufts administration has refused to detail any minimum standards for fair pay, benefits, safety or training that they have on their campus,” Feuchs said. “This is unfair to working families and dangerous not only for construction workers, but also students, faculty and staff.”

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MBTC President Frank Callahan's LTE in Today's Boston Globe

The entire premise of this so-called Cadillac tax is perverse. It punishes workers and employers who negotiate quality health insurance while doing nothing to control the rising cost of health care.

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Unions to Finance Affordable Housing in East Boston - BNN News

City officials and local labor leaders announce plans for affordable housing in East Boston to be financed with money from pension funds for workers in trade unions. Report for BNN News. Aired September 15, 2015.

Ullico Invests $78.1 Million in East Boston Project

Union Labor Life Insurance Co. (Ullico) recently committed to providing up to $78.1 million to finance construction of a 259-Unit multi-family rental project in East Boston. "Boston is a great city with a long tradition of supporting workers. With this investment, we look forward to capitalizing on Ullico's momentum, as we help strengthen communities and families by creating union jobs," said Edward M. Smith, president and CEO of Ullico.

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