Monthly Dues

As of January 1, 2015 monthly dues will be increased to $41.50

Apprenticeship Program

For information regarding the apprenticeship program, please click on the link for the Northeast Apprenticeship Program in Web Links.

Project Labor Labor Agreements Work - Boston Herald

Read the Letter To The Editor in today's Boston Herald highlighting the findings of the only non-partisan commission on public Project Labor Agreements.

Why Millennials Are Choosing the Trades

Most good-paying jobs require at minimum a four-year college degree. But as National Public Radio reports, many economists say there is a better alternative: a career in the skilled trades. Building Trades unions are the largest provider of construction training in the private sector. More than 70% of registered construction apprenticeship programs are sponsored by a union.

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Safety Groups And Unions Call For OSHA Reforms

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health, North America’s Building Trades Unions and several other unions have filed a petition before the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission, calling for greater worker and public participation in Commission proceedings. “To make sure our workplaces are safer, workers’ voices must be heard loud and clear.

Kinder Morgan Pipeline Is Best Energy-Supply Proposal For Mass. - Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise

Guest Columnist Frank Callahan writes: "As nuclear and coal-power plants like Vermont Yankee, Mount Tom in Holyoke and Brayton Point in Somerset continue to close and are replaced by natural-gas power plants, a lack of adequate natural gas capacity is holding back the Massachusetts economy and hurting the commonwealth's most vulnerable citizens.

Boston Union Workers Complete Emergency Homeless Shelter Renovation in Blazing Two Week Period

The facility was completed in just over two weeks using entirely union labor. Under normal circumstances a full renovation of this magnitude could take years to complete. The union workers, as many as 60 at a time, renovated the Department of Transportation’s old sign shop into a premier facility that will house 100 people after this week’s opening and 700 when renovations are fully complete.

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REPORT: Project Labor Agreements Vital to Saving Money and Time on MA Construction Sites

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Special Commission on the Use of Project Labor Agreements in Road, Bridge and Rail Projects has released a report after looking into what the contracts have delivered on infrastructure and construction projects. The Commission found that, “PLAs prevent cost-overruns, encourage the timely completion of projects, and avoid potential labor disputes.”

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Boston Shelter Expected To Open With 100 Beds – WBUR FM 90.9

Boston's Union trades men and women bringing their skills, hard work and commitment to “state-of-the-art” homeless shelter and get the job done right with unprecedented speed. “Long hours, 12-hour days on average,” said Carpenter Rick Mason. “But for a good cause to get it all done, and to me it’s worth it.”

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A Warning On Natural Gas - Report Suggests More Pipeline Capacity Is Needed

Just minutes before Charlie Baker became governor, the Patrick administration released a $250,000 study suggesting winter electricity prices are likely to remain very high for the next four years and additional natural gas pipeline capacity is needed to address the problem.
The report by Synapse Energy Economics of Cambridge said the state is likely to continue experiencing sharp spikes in natural gas prices during the winter months for the next four years because of insufficient pipeline capacity coming into the region.

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