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I Am A Building Tradesman

On Labor Day we honor America's workers and the work they do. Please take the time to read Peter Terzik's poem on the dignity of work enjoyed by the men and women of America's Building Trades Unions. Happy Labor Day.

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Labor Day Message From Sean McGarvey - President of America's Building Trades Unions

It is no coincidence that the level of prosperity and opportunity enjoyed by all Americans throughout our history has been in direct proportion to the extent that labor, management and government have chosen to work together to solve common problems. When such cooperative arrangements have flourished, America has always achieved a standard of living and a climate of opportunity and individual rights unequaled in the history of man.

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Plainridge Completes Major Phase Of Construction With Ceremony, Pro-Casino Rally - Attleboro Sun Chronicle

Frank Callahan, president of the Mass Building Trades Council, spoke about the jobs created as a result of the Plainridge project and other casino projects across the state and the campaign to vote no on the casino repeal question. “If Question 3 passes, all of that goes away. That steel turns to rust and that doesn’t do anybody any good.

Penn National Gaming Celebrates Topping out of Plainridge Park Casino

“The facility that we are topping out today has been constructed by hundreds of union tradesmen who support their families and invest every single day in the Massachusetts economy,” said Frank Callahan, President of Massachusetts Building Trades Council. “That is exactly what is at stake on November 4th – jobs and opportunity for working families. That's why it is so important to Vote No on Question 3."

In The Fight For Jobs, Bricklayers' Unions Keep Watchful Eye On Competition

"We refer cases to the Attorney General's office, sure," said Organizer Jim Pimental. "If we think workers are being improperly paid, misclassified, absolutely we'll drop a dime, and there's nothing wrong with that."

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Your View: Two Sides To The Story On Project Labor Agreements

Labor/Management Analyst Paul Coutinho lays out the facts on Project Labor Agreements. "...unions fight for a better wage with benefits to retire with dignity, and organizations like the Merit Alliance represent management, who wish to suppress wages and benefits even if it means to mislead, misinform, misrepresent and deceive the public."

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Interested In A Rewarding Career in The Construction Industry?

Building Pathways Pre-Apprenticeship Program is looking for qualified people who want to begin a career as electricians, plumbers, sprinklerfitters, laborers and more. Building Pathways provides 7 weeks of career exploration and hands-on experience in the building trades followed by placement in a union apprenticeship. You must attend and information session to apply. Sessions scheduled for August 20th & 21st. CLICK ON PICTURE FOR DETAILS.

PLA on Mass. Bridge Project Mandated Safety Training that Saved Stranded Kayakers’ Lives

The meticulous training that comes with union work under a Project Labor Agreement is predicated upon community. For a construction site to comfortably operate in a given neighborhood, it must take into account the safety of the public, not simply the safety of workers. Emergency preparation applies to both sides of the temporary fence.

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Critical Mass: RI Follows Model of Neighbor State to Crack Down on Wage Theft, Misclassification

The Rhode Island Senate has approved legislation which will create a Joint Task Force on the Underground Economy in order to combat employee misclassification and wage theft. Similar to the task force created by Gov. Deval Patrick in neighboring Massachusetts, little Rhodey’s version will direct state agencies to reduce fraud and abuse by businesses and individuals who “avoid taxes and other responsibilities related to wages, payroll taxes, insurance, licensing, safety or other regulatory requirements.”

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