Monthly Dues

As of January 1, 2015 monthly dues will be increased to $41.50

Apprenticeship Program

For information regarding the apprenticeship program, please click on the link for the Northeast Apprenticeship Program in Web Links.

Funds Are There For North-South Rail Link

Good Op-Ed by former Governor Michael Dukakis. "Here are the facts about the North-South Rail Link, why we strongly support it, and how we believe the Commonwealth can pay for it without raising new revenue."

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City’s Trade Unions Get It: Training Pays High Dividends - Dorchester Reporter

The unions operate training centers that keep up with the demand for qualified workers. An apprenticeship lasts for up to five years, with time split between instruction at the training center and work on a construction site. Everybody is earning while learning, and there are step raises every year. A career in the trades is one way that working-class people can afford to live in our increasingly expensive working-class neighborhoods. Thanks to the union training centers for standing out and being reliable.

Union Pushing Hard For Gas Pipeline - Lowell Sun

"We did this 10 years ago (in Dracut), a gas line is already here, and last time I checked there haven't been any environmental disasters," said Tom Erickson, Business Managers of Laborers' Local 429. "I'm just here to let them know that if and when this project goes, it's going to be done by us and it's going to be done properly."

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Ironworkers Local 7, Boston/Springfield Donates $10K To Baystate Franklin's Campaign For Keeping Care Local - Masslive

Fiore Grassetti, Business Agent for Ironworkers, Local 7 said: "Putting local Ironworkers to work in the community is important to our members. We value the ongoing relationship we have with Baystate Health, and each one of our members understands the importance of strong local healthcare. When we work on a job like this, we're building the space where we and our neighbors will receive care close to home. And we're proud to be a part of that."

Boston Building Trades Protest Tufts Policies

“The building trades unions are protesting Tufts’ labor policies,” Chelsea Feuchs, the Hospital & Higher Education Campaign Coordinator for the Metro BCTC said.
As one Metro BCTC representative explained, the Council has reached out to university officials on six separate occasions offering ways to “help protect every working family” without a cost increase but administrators have routinely refused.

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Executive Order 562 Coalition Issues Press Release

On July 20, 2015, the 562 Coalition delivered a letter to Governor Charlie Baker, signed by over 75 organizations offering to help with the Executive Order 562

Why the Disdain for American Blue-Collar Workers? - Huffington Post

A generation or two ago, one could walk the halls of the U.S. Congress or a state legislature, for that matter and talk to representatives, senators and staff, regardless of political party, and almost universally find someone who had a father, a mother, a brother, or a sister who toiled in a blue-collar occupation. They understood the struggles and the needs that blue-collar workers possessed, and those concerns were almost always considered, if not outright addressed, during policy deliberations.

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